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Since a very early age, January has always been the planner behind regular events such as her birthday parties. She created an extensive list of things to do, people to invite, food, decoration & etc. This strategic thinking followed her throughout high school where she was apart of many organizations such as the Yearbook Club, & the Prom Committee.

It also continued into college where she is a graduate of Savannah State University's Mass Communications program where she concentrated in Public Relations and Advertising and minored in Visual and Performing Arts.

After receiving her degree, she launched Let's P. Creative PR (January 2017) to focus her passions of freelance writing, strategic campaign building, brand and business development strategies, and digital media.

Since its launch, LPC has worked with a myriad of local talent in which we have curated cohesive and strategic social media marketing campaigns, brand awareness strategies, business plans, media lists, and marketing deliverables.

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